Aquatopia Water Park from Phu Quoc to Pineapple Island Vietnam

Aquatopia Water Park from Phu Quoc to Pineapple Island Vietnam

If you made it to the end of the cable car ride might as well check out some of the other attractions on pineapple island.   We decided to hit up the Aquatopia Water Park as it was included on the ticket we bought online,   but we were very hungry after our journey here.  

First we walked over to the sunshine restaurant.   Had a tiki theme to it.   I ordered a burger and Mary had some noodles.   Was really good.   Food is much better at Sunworld than Vin group’s vin wonders.   Every time I’ve been to a Sunworld park I’ve never been disappointed with the food.   Made a video about sun world’s Banna Hills in Danang if you want to check that out.  

Aquatopia Water Park Photos

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Aquatopia was one of the highest quality water parks I’ve been to.   It just opened this year,   and because of the pandemic it wasn’t too busy.   All the facilities were brand new,   clean and even though,  I only went on a few rides I had a lot of fun.  

They had some very specific rules about what you can wear at the water park though.   Something I wish I knew beforehand.   We weren’t allowed on some of the rides because our shorts had a zipper.   They want you to be wearing proper swim suits.   They have lockers to rent for 30K with a 20K deposit and Towels for 50K with a 100k deposit.  

My favorite ride for just hanging out and relaxing was the lost lagoon.   You get to float around the park in a tube while slowly and secretly developing a killer sunburn.   Went around and around so many times.   Really paid for it the next day,   By the time I got home I had skin like a lobster.    

The lost lagoon had a pirate theme to it with a big skull by the entrance and a pirate ship.   Floating around the park was a lot of fun.   You get to enjoy the beautiful design of the park,   can see some of the other rides,  and a pair of giant dragon fruits.   Sit back and relax.   Enjoy the nature on your journey as the current pulls you along.  

I was shooting through a plastic cell phone bag so sometimes the footage looks a little blurry but it kept my phone safe from water damage.   I got it at the water park’s gift shop.   Worth trying out if you want to take photos or shoot some videos.   As long as you don’t get water on it and keep the plastic close to the lens the footage looks fine.  

It’s fun just walking around the park as the art and design of the place is incredible.   You can tell that someone or a team of people put a lot of effort into the design.    As a creative myself this is something I really appreciated.  

One of the few other rides I was allowed to try before the park closed was the Octopus.   You fly down on your stomach at top speeds.   It was quite the rush.  

Flow rider looked like a blast but never got to try it.   Not sure if my balance is at a high enough level to manage this ride.    

Most of the other rides I wasn’t allowed on because our swimwear wasn’t perfect or were closed due to the pandemic.    

Also if you didn’t bring the right clothes you can buy some swimsuits at the gift shop.   We were going to but the park closes kinda early.   Vietnamese sizes are also very very small so not sure if they would have my size.   

Just as the sun starts to set the water park closes and they funnel everyone to the tram to head back to Phu Quoc.   It was nice to see the sunset on the cable car while heading home.   More people crammed in there on the way back.   On the way there we had the place all to ourselves.   

Great place both for kids and even adults!   Just would suggest arriving early to have more time than we did and bring proper swim wear.  

Phu Quoc Waterpark Location