World’s Longest Cable Car Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

Ride the World’s Longest Cable Car From Phu Quoc Vietnam to Pineapple island.

Ride the World’s Longest Cable Car From Phu Quoc Vietnam to Pineapple Island or Hon Thom in Vietnamese.

If you go all the way to the south side of the island they’re building a European city. Believe it’s going to be either some kind of resort or tourist attraction in the future. It was still under construction when we went. There isn’t much for public transportation on Phu Quoc island so you will either need to take a taxi or drive on a motorbike to get there.

This is where you will find the beginning of the cable car ride. The entrance has an Italian, rome coliseum like design. It’s easy to spot. You will see the cable cars in the distance.

Mary bought the tickets online. I believe it was a better deal there. The ticket included the cable car ride and the water park resort at the end of the line. On the ticket it says 400K so I guess that’s what we paid.

The cable car can fit up to 30 people but since it was the pandemic time it was just us. It’s been really enjoyable to explore the island without other tourists here. Very peaceful. There has been many pros and cons to traveling during the pandemic but It has led to many once and a lifetime experiences for the both of us.

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The cable car is about a 15 min ride each way that travels a distance of 7,899.9 Meters. Goes pretty fast, about 30km/h. Absolutely stunning 360 degree views. It’s an amazing feat of engineering. It won a guinness world record actually, for the longest non-stop three-way cable car in the world. Not sure what it means by a 3 way but either way I was excited to ride the cable car.

You get to enjoy a bird’s eye aerial view, flying over several islands with untouched nature. Admire the whole beauty of the Islands from the sky. Thick Vietnamese jungles covered the islands from top to bottom.

Very beautiful breathtaking views soaring over the turquoise sea. There are these charming Vietnamese fishing boats and sea farms along the way.

The cable car arrives at pineapple island and the Hon Thom Nature park from sun world. Worth doing just for the ride, the water park was just a bonus. I actually didn’t even know what was there. I just wanted to ride the cable car cause I’ve heard so many good things about it.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Location