Bana Hills und die Goldene Brücke in Da Nang, Vietnam

Ba Na Hills & The Golden Bridge in Da Nang Vietnam 2020 – Sun World Park All To Ourselves.

We went to Sunworlds Bana Hills in Danang in march 2020 and it was a complete ghost town. It’s like we where King & Queen We had Ba Na Hills all to ourselves. It’s like I rented a castle for me and my princess for the whole day. The Sun World Resort was pretty much empty because everyone was too scared to go. It?s like they opened up the resort just for us. As you can see big line ups here at Ba Na Hills Resort.

The Golden Bridge is usually packed with tourists all taking selfies at once but it was completely empty. Made for a great once and a lifetime photoshoot opportunity. Welcome to my new crib. Complete with its very own chair lift, over 100 staff, private chief, a beautiful church and a golden balcony held up by the hands of God himself.

A king can not rule without his queen but what is he if he has no villagers? This is one of the best things to do in Da Nang Vietnam. A must see spectacular castle village in the sky. The food was spectacular. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.