Tour of our Eco Green Apartment In Saigon.

Tour of our Eco Green Apartment In Saigon.
[ Special Covid Lockdown Deal ]

Tour of our Eco Green Apartment In Saigon. Special Covid Lockdown Deal.

This has been our home for 4 months.  One of my favorite places to live while traveling around Asia.  I really like the name too as it was quite fitting for me. 

Mary has always been really great at finding and negotiating amazing deals during the pandemic.  Usually stops me from having to pay the white person price.  (Which can be a lot more! ) She also struck a special lockdown discount for the first few months. 

For 12 Million dong or about $665 Canadian,  we got a mostly furnished,  3 bedroom,  2 bathroom condo.  I say mostly furnished because it was missing some necessities like bed sheets and pillow cases. 

We got a massive kitchen with 3 burners,  a dining room,  and a living room with no tv that opens up to a beautiful deck view.  The no TV thing is ok for me as I don’t really have time for that anyway,  I have my dreams to work on! 

I really loved the fact that I had my own room that I can use as an office.  This is where I spent most of my time during the lockdowns working away, and editing videos because there was nothing else to do.  Really got alot done.  This is my home office setup.  Also made it into a little home made gym to try and stay fit. 

Our place came with 2 amazing views of Saigon. 

One from our bedroom of the Phú Mỹ bridge that crosses the winding Saigon river.  Here,  if we stay up all night,  we get to watch the beautiful sunrise.  Due to my dreadful sleep insomnia this does happen quite a bit. 

The second view is of downtown district 1, where we can watch the sunset,  and the city coming alive at night.  During the lockdowns the city was so quiet all I could hear was the voices of 1 million frogs singing away. 


Photos of Eco Green Saigon Apartments

One thing I did think was kinda weird was in my bathroom.  My neighbors from the apartment next to me could watch me do my business from their balcony.  Didn’t like that so much so I put a plastic garbage bag to cover the window.  Problem solved! 

The 3rd bedroom we just used as storage or to dry our laundry.  Be nice to host guests but the pandemic makes that kind of hard.

On the 3rd floor they have a really amazing community area with a pool,  gym and some other shared areas.  This apartment has the best pool area I’ve ever seen in any apartment I’ve lived in.  Went swimming 1 whole time.  I did come to this floor almost everyday though.  Just a nice place to go and relax.  This is where I took most of my calls and went on breaks as they left this area open for us to walk around during the lockdown.  Really helped me manage my sanity during this time. 

The security guards here are really service orientated.  They always open the door for us as we left or entered the building.  The outside area is also quite nice.  There is a little park area with green grass and lotus ponds.  They have gardeners working away,  making sure the place is always looking pretty.  There was a community center there that was used as the vaccination hub.  We got both our doses here.   

The only downside was this place was still under construction.  They’re building a mall,  hotel and a few other apartments.  After the lockdown it got a lot noisier.  Almost all the shops were not open yet and empty.  We only had one family mart,  and that was supposed to supply food for everyone here.  Luckily they had a market that came to us once a week.  This helped kept us fed when Saigon was under that crazy lockdown. 

I really enjoyed living here and maybe one day I would love to own a place like this.  Now we are off to Da nang for 3months.  The adventure continues… 

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