Kota Kekaisaran Hue Vietnam

The Imperial Castle – Ancient City Hue Vietnam

The Imperial City is a castle within the city of Hu?. People call it the Purple Forbidden City. It’s surrounded by a moat filled with lotus plants and koi fish.

Once, it would have been inaccessible to most common folk. Reserved only for the emperor and his closest confidants that lived and worked there.

Now, of course, we can all walk through and see what remains of the ancient city. There was a 50% covid discount so it only costs us $6 to get in. I guess not many visitors right now.

It was so hot that it was difficult to stay outside for too long. We mostly hid in the shadowy parts and recovered a few times in the airconditioned coffee shop.

Unfortunately, It was against the rules to take a photo “in” the throne room but I was able to sneak in a shot with my zoom lens lol. Technically I was not in the no photo zone.

Photos of the Hue Forbidden City

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