Hutan Monyet Ubud – Bali Indonesia

Photos of Ubud Monkey Forest – Bali Indonesia

Ubud Monkey Forest, is a sanctuary and natural habitat for the Balinese long-tailed Monkey. About 749 monkeys live in this sanctuary.

Not exactly sure if it’s safe for children. Saw a lot of very unconsentual monkey love lol. They can be very violent too. Whatever you do don’t look into their eyes, they see that as a act of aggression. Saw some pretty epic fights. One monkey pushed another one off a cliff falling a very far distance. Not sure if he made it, I’m guessing now there is only 748 monkeys there. Another one climbed on some guy and bit him. The babies where very cute though. I do suggest going as its pretty cool, just be careful.

Had to take a 45 min Uber to get here. Cost about $17 Canadian. But unfortunately I couldn’t take an Uber back because they ban ride sharing services in Ubud. So I stayed the night in a really bad hotel and walked 8KM to the closest city in the morning. Got lost in a papaya forest. Fell down a cliff into some woman yard. She looked very unimpressed but finally made it to a spot where I could call for a ride. What an adventurous day.

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