Intercontinental Beach Resort – Brunch At the Citron Restaurant

5 Star Intercontinental Beach Resort – Brunch At the Citron Restaurant – Danang Vietnam

On Christmas morning we trekked deep into monkey mountain in search of the Intercontinental. Behind the lady buddha and temple you will find a 5-Star Luxury Beach Resort In Danang Vietnam. Set on a private bay on the backside of a mountain it’s one of the most fanciest places in the city. Too bad it was raining 50% of the time but still managed to get some good shots in..

When we arrived the reception greeted us. They had a comfy little area for us to wait for the kart to come pick us up and drive us to the restaurant. Oh wow, less than 30 seconds and we are already here.

We went to a restaurant called Citron with a breathtaking view of the Son Tra Peninsula. They let us sit outside, which is usually double the price, and reservation only, but not too busy these days. When you sit outside you don’t just get a spectacular view of the ocean but also some grand entertainment watching other guests and staff occasionally fight off the monkey thieves. Check this out, it’s quite hilarious.

These beasts will steal your food if you’re not careful but they do seem friendlier than monkeys I’ve met in other parts of the world. They’re just hungry and want fruit. If they get what they’re looking for they will be gone for a while but back for seconds.

The food was amazing. It’s an all you can eat buffet of everything you can think of. So it wasn’t too big of a deal when the monkey stole a whole bowl of fruit from us. We just went back to get some more. The meal comes with coffee and juice. I got a nice little cappuccino.

So many treats, I found it hard not to want to try them all. This chocolate nut brownie was my favorite.


Photos from the Intercontinental In Danang

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After we finished eating we took a ride down from heaven to… the resort’s underworld. You take this trolley cable car thing down to the lower levels.

Down below there’s a beautiful beach, pool, and some bars and restaurants

The resort was really expensive. Definitely the most amount of money I have ever spent on brunch in my entire life. Was a cool experience though.

We met this nice couple there. She was from Toronto Canada and he was from France but they live in Da Nang. He works as a hotel negotiator & hospitality industry coach.

Asked reception on the cost per night to stay here and she told me the cheapest was $350 a night. I was like “the cheapest? Come on, what’s the most expensive? She looked impressed but I was just asking for my video.

$2500 US per night for a private most luxurious villa with a few bedrooms but the prices change depending on the time of year she told me.

It’s hard to book a grab out here but they have taxis you can order to get home if you want to have a few drinks. Going down monkey mountain at night, in the rain is dangerous enough on a motorbike so I would suggest this option even if you’re 100% sober.

If you’re looking for a top notch luxury experience in Da Nang Vietnam check out the Intercontinental Resort.

Intercontinental Resort Location In DaNang Vietnam