Marble Mountain Danang Vietnam

What’s inside the mystical MARBLE MOUNTAINS?

Marble Mountain is about a 15min drive from Danang. It’s a mystical place that comprises of 5 mountains named after the elements of the universe: Wood, Metal, Water, Fire, and Earth.

There’s so much to see here. Amazing statues, caves, temples and carvings. The view from up top is also incredible. Beautiful and peaceful place to hang out for the day. Let me take you on a magical journey through Danang’s marble mountains.

You can choose to hike up from the bottom or take the elevator ride to the main area. Let’s head up there now. At the top you will find a large temple area. If you hike up further you will find a few caves to explore.

The caves within marble mountain hold many secrets including bullet holes left over from the Vietnam war. First cave “Van Thong” is smaller, very narrow and more challenging to climb into. This one will test your rock climbing skills.

Next head through the double archway. I think this area is a very beautiful spot for a photo. Just the way the light comes in here. Something magical about it. If you’re tired from climbing up all those steps, go through the gate where you will find a vendor selling coconut drinks. 

Keep heading straight and you will find the HUYEN KHONG cave which is humongous. Lady buddha guards the entrance before heading into the main chamber. It has a temple inside which Is quite amazing. Let’s take a look.

Heaven’s Gate takes you to the very top. They’re lots of steps to get all the way there but definitely worth it!  Suggest wearing some proper footwear as some of the marble rocks are quite slippery and steep to climb. The view from up top is absolutely marvelous. Get a panoramic view of the whole region. You can even see the city of Danang from up here. Each mountain has its own shapes, position and various temples.

Marble Mountain Ancient Folktale

In ancient times a dragon emerged from the ocean and laid its giant egg 9 km outside of what is known today as DaNang. After 1000 nights have passed, the egg finally hatches, and out stepped a beautiful girl. The fragments of the shells were left on the beach and eventually grew into the five mystical Marble Mountains you can see today. That’s how the story goes anyway.

The locals sell souvenirs at the base of the mountain. You can expect to be hassled until you either buy something or ignore them and walk away. The choice is yours. They will give you a higher tourist price, but it’s been a tough year for these people so I decided to buy something. You can always negotiate if you see something you like.  Oh ya, almost forgot they give you good luck so definitely buy one. 😉

Along the beach you will find a ton of really amazing resorts in this area if you want to check them out as well. After we walked to the Hyatt and had some food and drinks at their Greenhouse Restaurant. Happy hour is on from 5-7. Buy one drink and get one free. These businesses and the people that work there could really use your support right now as there are not many tourists here. I like this restaurant as It’s quite cheap for fine dining. We got the chicken breast and sea bass dinner.

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