Special 2020 tour of Starfish Beach on Phu Quoc Island!

Special 2020 tour of Starfish Beach on Phu Quoc Island!

The Starfish Beach is usually a very popular spot on Phu Quoc island but, it’s completely deserted during these times.

It’s a traditional “Fishing Village” called Làng chài Rach Vẹm or something like that. Disclaimer, I’m not an expert in vietnamese so excuse my pronunciation.

The area includes a calm white sand beach with long wooden walkways that lead to floating restaurants on stilts. Here you can sit and enjoy the ocean.

The beach has a few swings and you can see colorful fishing boats on the water.

You can get to know the daily life of a Phu Quoc fisherman.

As a tourist you basically go here to hang out with some starfish and take photos with them all day. Perfect place to get some Instagram pics with your new star fish friends. Unfortunately… he never followed me back.

But if you could follow me on Instagram at @CreateTravel.TV I would greatly appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like or a comment on this video. Anyway, back to the starfish beach.

When we went, it was very quiet. They actually put the starfish away because nobody was there, they had to go get them for us. Usually the beach is covered with them from what I’ve seen in other videos. I guess in these pandemic times they don’t have them out unless they are needed. Save money on the starfish salaries I guess.

The starfish beach is located on the northwestern part of the island.

Was quite the little journey to get here. Took a long taxi ride on a bumpy dirt road through the jungle. The taxi driver was nice enough to sleep in the car so we didn’t get stranded there. If you took a motorbike there make sure to have a full tank of gas so you can get back

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Near the end of the night we went to the Quán Ăn Làng Biển – Sea Village Restaurant

You can enjoy some fresh seafood here.

We ordered a whole chicken and they made several dishes with it. Was the freshest I have ever eaten. He was alive before we ordered, then you can hear a dying chicken in the distance.

We also ordered some grilled clams with peanuts, fish sauce and green onion

Con Ghẹ – Which is the small Sentinel Crab they eat in Vietnam. Lots of work and not the most meat in my opinion.

Goi Ca Trich – Which is fish salad, mixed with vegetables, coconut and then you use rice wraps to dip in fish sauce. Very tasty!

This guy risks his life climbing trees to get you a coconut. You can get the freshest coconut water you have ever tasted for 25K or just over 1 dollar.

Even though it might look like it, It was definitely not the cheapest restaurant but was a cool experience. Spent 1.4 million dong or about 80 Canadian dollars for 4 people to eat.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a VinPearl resort so the restroom is not exactly the fanciest. We actually washed our hands with lemon juice.

Got a little stormy for a bit near the end. They have areas to cover you from the rain. We watched the sunset and stayed past nightfall before heading home. Definitely suggest checking out the hidden gem of starfish beach in Phu Quoc Vietnam.

What’s your favorite spot in Phu Quoc? Let me know in the comments below.

Where is Starfish Beach On Phu Quoc Island?