Danang’s Fire Breathing Dragon Bridge Show from Sweet Time Cruise – Travel Vietnam

Sweet Time Cruise Dragon Bridge Show

Danang’s Fire Breathing Dragon Bridge Show From Sweet Time Cruise – Travel Vietnam – Starts 9pm Weekends

I’ve been wanting to go on one of these little boat rides down the Danang river forever. Just never worked out for time, then there was the pandemic… But now for the Mid Autumn Festival, Danang is back in action.

Wow was it ever a blast. We went on one called Sweet Time and accidentally timed it perfectly to watch the dragon come out and breathe fire. Which was pretty sweet timing.

Wait what? Ya! DaNang has a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON BRIDGE. They close it down to traffic during the show and this takes place at 9:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday night. I’ve seen it quite a few times but the best view is definitely from the boats.

Here’s a little video I made of the view. You get to see DaNang all lit up. There’s a building with a giant beer ad on it. (Something that would be illegal in Canada to “protect” the children).

They also had a lady do a nice little dance for us before we set sail. Cost 450K dong for the 4 of us to go. About $25. The child was free. I had a blast. I would definitely suggest going on a boat ride if you ever make it out to Danang Vietnam.