Bohem Photo Cafe

Dalat, Vietnam

About Bohem Photo Cafe In Dalat

The BOHEM Photo Café in Dalat, Vietnam, presents a unique yet thrilling experience with its breathtaking views and edgy setting. Perched precariously, the café offers an adrenaline-pumping vantage point that could only exist in a place like Vietnam, where the approach to safety regulations is more relaxed compared to Western standards. With one side featuring a modest one-story drop and the other side presenting a heart-stopping drop equivalent to three or four floors, the café is not for the faint-hearted. The addition of alcohol to the mix certainly ups the ante, making every moment spent here an exercise in caution and thrill-seeking. This spot is a photographer’s dream, providing unparalleled opportunities for capturing stunning visuals, albeit with an implicit “proceed at your own risk” warning. It’s a vivid example of the daring experiences available in Southeast Asia that might be unthinkable in more litigious societies like Canada or America, where safety regulations and liability concerns would likely prevent such an establishment from existing.

Warnings / Risks: The bridge has no safety rails and its a far drop. Need to be extra carful.
BOHEM Photo Café
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Bohem Photo Cafe Reviews

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Pongo Robert
Good place to take photo. Nice view. Drink is ok, good price Pastry and cake are a little dry and overpriced, but good overall
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Kelvin Tran
We came here at a rainny afternoon so it's cloudy and wet but we love the cozy house decorated by many little trees. Actually the drinks in Dalat is something should't expect too much, not too good and not too bad. Just enjoy the view and music
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Not bad, place for sight seeing
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Huyền Cao Vũ Thảo
Beautiful view from the coffee house
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tai nguyen
Coffee shop with mountain view.