Langbiang Mountain

Dalat, Vietnam

About Langbiang Mountain In Dalat

Langbiang Mountain, often referred to as the “Roof of Dalat,” is an iconic landmark located in the Lam Dong Province of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. This majestic mountain, reaching an elevation of approximately 2,167 meters at its highest peak, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rich biodiversity, and fascinating cultural heritage.

Langbiang consists of two main peaks, Lang Biang (also known as Lam Vien Mountain) and Bidoup Ban, which are popular among hikers and nature enthusiasts for their challenging trails and panoramic views. The area surrounding Langbiang is steeped in legend, particularly the love story between a young couple from different ethnic tribes, which has become a poignant symbol of unity and love in Vietnamese culture.

The mountain’s slopes are home to diverse flora and fauna, including rare and endemic species, making it an important site for biological research and conservation. Langbiang Mountain also serves as a cultural hub, showcasing the traditions and lifestyles of the indigenous ethnic groups, particularly the Lat people, who inhabit the region. Visitors to Langbiang can engage in various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and paragliding, while also experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

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Langbiang Mountain Reviews

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cameron holmes
This is an exceptional mountain hike with amazing views. You can do the lazy route, pay the entrance fee and get driven to the top. Or you can park outside the main entrance, pay a small fee for parking and hike to the top for free. It’s a long hike, maybe 1 and a half - 2 hours to the top for a fit person. It is a beautiful walk through the Forrest. Reduced views a long the way, but such an elegant forrest. Fairly tough hike as well, but it’s so worth it. Honestly one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. The views from the top are spectacular! Id recommend bringing water and some snacks to keep you going. Hiking path is right of the entrance, follow the sign that reads ‘up to the mountain.’ The route is fairly clear. There are also signs of danger, this is a lie. It is the correct path.
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Mathias Skjæran Landrø
Amazing view from the top! So it is really worth the trip! The hike itself is maybe not the best one, as you are walking beneath the trees all the way, so you don't get a view along the way. The hikes is a little steep the first 500 meters and the last ones, but otherwise it's decent. The web told me it would take 5 hours, but I was finished in 2.5, 1.5 up and 1 hour down.At the entrance to the hike , stick to the road on the right, then you don't have to pay their stupid entrance fee
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Andrei Franco
This place is an absolute gem for nature enthusiasts and trekking aficionados. The landscape is nothing short of spectacular, and the added charm of encountering horses at the top is a delightful touch. Our visit was blessed with the sight of a majestic hawk, adding an extra layer to the already mesmerizing experience.**Important Tip: If You Plan to Hike**For those planning to hike, a crucial piece of advice is to avoid the main gate entrance, unless you're willing to part with 50k per person. Instead, opt for the road to the right of the main gate. If you're on a motorbike, convenient parking is available at the nearby shop for a reasonable 10k. Following the trail is straightforward – when in doubt, stay to the right. The route is exceptionally scenic, and early morning hikes are especially recommended, as weather conditions can become unpredictable from around 11 am onward.In summary, this place is a nature lover's paradise. The scenery is breathtaking, and the chance encounters with horses and wildlife make it an unforgettable trekking experience. Just remember to take the trail to the right, and you're in for a treat. Highly recommended for those seeking a beautiful escape into nature.
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Eric J
The meter signs seem to underestimate the distances. We measured 16km from the tourist area gate walking up the (free) trail (up dirt road just right before the gate) and returning from Lang Biang Peak via the paved road (about 3 km from peak, not 2.2). We went up and back in 3.5 hours because it was starting to rain but that was pushing it with a ten year old in sandals. Be advised the last kilometer is quite steep and slippery when wet. There are no amenities at the peak though there is a shelter where the trail meets the road. Beautiful pine forest and not crowded!
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Bram van Dijk
A good, long hike to the top. It took us 5 hours before we got back, and it was fun! There's almost no Grab at the start point of the hike.