Saigon Opera House

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About Saigon Opera House In Ho Chi Minh City

The Saigon Opera House, also known as the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City, is a stunning example of French Colonial architecture in Vietnam. Completed in 1900 and designed by French architects, including Félix Olivier, Ernest Guichard, and Eugène Ferret, the Opera House showcases the flamboyant style of the French Third Republic. Its façade, reminiscent of the Petit Palais in Paris, was restored in 1998 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Saigon. Originally designed to accommodate up to 1,800 people, the Opera House now has a seating capacity of 500 after various renovations.

The Opera House hosts a variety of performances, with one of the most popular being the A O Show, which combines circus, live music, and bamboo to create a mesmerizing experience that explores the themes of Vietnam’s rural life and urbanization. The interior retains many original features, including stone verandas, white stone statues, and colorful granite tiled floors, alongside modern amenities like advanced lighting and sound systems.

Visiting the Saigon Opera House, located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, is a must for those interested in architecture, history, and the performing arts. Even if you’re not planning to watch a show, the building’s illuminated exterior at night is a sight to behold. For more information and to book tickets for a show, you can visit the official website of the show producer, Luneproduction.

Saigon Opera House
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Saigon Opera House Reviews

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John & Heather Brown Bacon
Ho Chi Minh City Opera House is very beautiful. The lights at light are Ben prettier.There is a lot happening all around the opera house so it is quite busy, We went on a city tour and had to park there.Pretty cool place. We can only imagine that the inside is beautiful.Plenty of restaurants and shopping all around.For more adventures follow us on YouTube @eyecool
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Emerald Uy
Went to the Opera House to watch the AO show. Stunning, funny and amazing performance! You shouldn’t miss out on this show when in Saigon.Recommend to come early, at least an hour before the show, as they take you to a tour inside the opera house. The lemongrass peach welcome drink was delicious too!
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Joanne Coates-Reid
Saw the AO show at the Saigon Opera House on New Year's Eve. Was a great experience. The building has been well renovated and the acrobatic performance showcased the cultural history of Vietnam beautifully. Worth seeing both as a show and a landmark building in its own right.
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Anh Dean
One of the most amazing buildings in Saigon for sure. If you could, book to see a show and immerse yourself in the dazzling, beautiful Opera House 🌟💖👍Otherwise just take photos of the outside, which is also amazing 👏
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Team HK Emsley
The Opera House itself is an iconic building in HCM City - what a classic fancy French style building! The shows running there now called A O show is a bamboo circus + comic stage dancing / play type of musical production. Quite entertaining, worth being part of a night out - watching an hour performance, then head for night food market or bars.