Visit The War Remnants Museum

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About Visit The War Remnants Museum In Ho Chi Minh City

Visiting the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is a powerful and sobering experience that provides profound insights into the Vietnam War’s brutal impact on the Vietnamese people and the lasting legacies of the conflict. Located in the heart of the city, the museum is one of the most visited sites in Vietnam, drawing visitors from around the world to reflect on the atrocities of war.

The museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documentary films. These exhibits are divided into several themed rooms, each focusing on different aspects of the war and its aftermath, including the effects of Agent Orange, the use of napalm and phosphorus bombs, and the international anti-war movements that the conflict sparked. One of the most impactful displays is the Requiem Exhibition, which showcases wartime photographs taken by both foreign and Vietnamese journalists, including some who lost their lives in the conflict.

Outside the museum, visitors can see a collection of U.S. military hardware, such as tanks, jet fighters, and helicopters, serving as stark reminders of the scale and intensity of the military operations carried out during the war.

The War Remnants Museum does not shy away from depicting the war’s horrors and the suffering of the Vietnamese people, but it also carries a message of peace and the hope that such conflicts can be avoided in the future. The graphic content and poignant narratives can be emotional for visitors, but they also foster a deeper understanding of the war’s human cost and the importance of reconciliation.

A visit to the War Remnants Museum is essential for anyone seeking to comprehend the complexities of the Vietnam War and its enduring impact on Vietnam and its people. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past and consider the profound effects of war on humanity and the spirit of resilience and recovery.

Visit The War Remnants Museum Reviews

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Tim Marshall
As others have said, a little one sided to be sure. Well put together museum with shockingly good pictures of various wars. A somber reminder of the tenacity of the Vietnam people and their history. Do yourselves a favor, start early and start at the top floor, it gets very hot and humid in there which detracts from the seriousness of the visit. Good value.
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Roxanne Perron
A good place to spend a few hours learning more about the Vietnam War. The exhibit starts on the top floor, and you work your way down to the ground floor room by room. The most moving part for us was the floor with all of the photos from the war...some of the images are truly shocking and the handy explanations of the shots allow visitors to better understand what was happening when they were taken, providing sombering context to the reality of what people went through during that time. Be warned that there's no AC in the building, just fans in the exhibition rooms so it gets quite hot in the afternoon.
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Jasmin A
Our visit to the War Remnants Museum was a sobering and informative experience. The combination of interactive exhibits, historical photographs, and captured military equipment provided a stark and multi-faceted look at the Vietnam War. The museum does not shy from graphic depictions, making it a powerful testament to the human cost of war. While emotionally challenging, it is a crucial visit for understanding Vietnam's complex history and the enduring impacts of conflict.It's intense. Upsetting. But importantUnfortunately no airconditioning so very hot even with fans and was very busy.
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Lisa Debruyne
Very moving museum and tickets aren't expensive at all. Be aware that some of the photos and information displayed are difficult to see, so be especially cautious when visiting with young children. We and many other visitors became emotional, but it's absolutely a must visit for anyone who wants to understand Vietnam's history.
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Minakshi 0809
Vietnam USA war museum. You should pay a visit to this place if you are in Ho Chi Minh city. It has all the objects, photographs, cannons,fighter planes from the war on display for tourists. There is lift service. Washrooms are available. A small cafe is also present with limited options like coffee,coconut water and ice creams. Souvenir shop is also present. 40k VND is the entry fee per person.