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Hoi An, Vietnam

About Lune Center In Hoi An

The Hoi An Lune Center, located in the heart of the ancient town, offers a unique cultural experience with its bamboo theater, which is the first of its kind in Vietnam. The theater’s architecture, featuring a 24-meter bamboo dome standing 13 meters high, is inspired by the full moon, a revered symbol in Vietnamese culture. This setting provides a perfect backdrop for the Vietnamese Bamboo Circus performances that vividly bring traditional cultures to life through storytelling, bamboo props, and live music.

The center hosts a variety of performances, including “Teh Dar,” which showcases the culture of Vietnamese tribes with acrobatics, dance, and music played on tribal instruments, some of which are recognized as cultural heritage by UNESCO. The performances offer a window into the daily life and traditions of different regions in Vietnam, making it a must-visit for those seeking to immerse themselves in the local culture and arts.

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Lune Center Reviews

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Jan Smith
Amazing show! Another highlight must see experience. All the seats are great! Be sure to stay after the show for photos! There is a queue in front of the area where the performers will sit. They stay until all visitors who line up have had a photo opportunity. Especially nice since photos in the performance are prohibited.
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Tina Schmidt
I did not know what to be expected as a friend suggested to go, but absolutely enjoyed it. It's an hour of a great show. Prices start from 70.000 VDN; our seats in the last row were fine as the circus is rather small. Totally worth the money!Highly recommend.If this review was of any help please leave a like.(Filming/ taking pictures is not allowed so I can not upload lots of pictures)
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Dhruv Sharma
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Superb , Spectacular , Amazing . One of the best shows in Vietnam. The performers were incredible. Some acts are breathtaking. All the performers were passionate, performing challenging acrobatic moves with bamboo structures. A very united & musically talented team of performers. Love it... Highly recommended .
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Tobias Heffner
These guys were crazy!! What a fantastic and breathtaking performance. 1 hour of finest acrobatics. If you have ever the chance to see them. Do it! You will not regret it.
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Ezekiel Yeo (Ezekiel Yeo)
We booked tickets from their website for the Teh Dar performance on Thursday night ("Going in circles" in the Kho tribe's language). The performance was a mix of music using traditional instruments, modern athletics, and storytelling based on local customs and histories.The performance hall was very clean and comfortable; the air-conditioning was a welcome experience in the hot weather. When you arrive, the centre offers complimentary tea before the start of the performance.Once the performance starts, you will be sucked in by the excellent, high-quality production and the incredible performances. The music is loud and bombastic, but not overwhelming. You can feel your heart pound to the beats and rhythm as the crew leap, climb, and swing around with the bamboo props.In my personal opinion, I think there was an authenticity to the experience that made the performance a joy to watch. Highly recommended.