Night Market

Hoi An, Vietnam

About Night Market In Hoi An

The Hội An Night Market, a bustling and vibrant affair, offers an authentic slice of Vietnamese culture with over 150 stalls lining Nguyen Hoang Street. This 300-meter-long market near the Old Town becomes alive after sunset, buzzing with locals and tourists alike. The market is known for its array of local snacks, trinkets, clothing, and notably, its sparkling lanterns that add a magical touch to the evening atmosphere​​​​.

One of the market’s highlights is its food stalls, offering a variety of street foods that tantalize the taste buds. From traditional Vietnamese dishes to quick bites, the market is a haven for foodies. Moreover, the market’s aesthetic appeal is significantly enhanced by the myriad of lanterns that illuminate the night, making it a popular spot for photography and a must-visit for Instagram enthusiasts. The lantern corner, in particular, draws visitors in with its wide selection of lanterns in various shapes, sizes, and colors​​.

When planning your visit, note that the market operates from 5 pm to 10 pm, with the busiest hours between 7 and 9 pm. It’s advisable to be mindful of your belongings during these peak times due to the crowded nature of the market. The market’s close proximity to Hoi An’s Old Town makes it easily accessible by foot, and for those venturing from further afield, there are ample parking options nearby​​​​.

Hội An Night Market
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Night Market Reviews

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Solid five stars for the vibe here, chill, relaxing, and fancy, you may get better scenery during night time; short boat tour will be a must-choose option, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes (I highly recommend to try it at night!!); overall the experience was great except the part of food, the restaurant I went wasn't very well, but the environment was clean and tidy after all! If you're arranging or considering to visit here, please stay till 6 or 7, you won't regret the view 😀
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Lucas Paiva
Really nice city to visit. Just recommend coming earlier if possible, you can come with a grab for a guided tour. If you have time, would be nice to stay at least one night there because have a lot to see and good bars and restaurants. The night boat ride is really cool and beautiful.
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pritiprabha sahoo
The Hoi An night market is an enchanting spectacle of bustling activity, vibrant colors, and tantalizing aromas. With its charming lantern-lit lanes and diverse array of stalls, it offers an unforgettable journey through Vietnamese culture and cuisine.
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Tuan Nguyen
**Atmosphere:** The market exudes a charming ambiance with colorful lanterns and a lively crowd from around the world and local tourists, creating a vibrant and memorable experience. **Cultural shopping.** Explore a wide array of Vietnamese crafts, textiles, and souvenirs, providing an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture. Be prepared to shop around as well as haggle for the best price. Offer everything at 1/2 of the asking price and be prepared to walk away. **Scenic Riverside Location:** The market's location along the Thu Bon River enhances the overall experience, offering beautiful views and a relaxing setting at night. **Affordable Prices:** Compared to daytime markets, prices are reasonable, making it a budget-friendly destination for shopping and dining.**Crowded Peak Hours:** During peak tourist hours, the market can become congested, making it challenging to navigate and enjoy the stalls comfortably.**Limited Authenticity:** Some stalls may cater more to tourists, offering generic souvenirs rather than authentic local products, which can be disappointing for those seeking genuine cultural items. Try and venture out to the local markets if you are feeling adventurous.**Persistent Vendors:** While part of the charm, persistent vendors at times can be overwhelming, pushing visitors to buy, creating a less relaxed shopping experience.**Food Quality Variability:** While there are excellent food options, the quality can vary among vendors, so it's advisable to choose wisely to ensure a satisfying dining experience. Try and avoid vendors that have more foreigners than locals in their venue.
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Ravi Patel
Hoi An's nightlife is enchanting, especially the night boating experience adorned with lanterns.Drifting along the Thu Bon River amidst shimmering lights is a serene and unforgettable journey.Afterward, explore the town's bustling markets and cozy cafes for a memorable evening filled with romance and culture.