Dufun Theme Park

Jakarta, Indonesia

About Dufun Theme Park In Jakarta

Dunia Fantasi, often referred to as Dufan, is Jakarta’s own version of a magical theme park, offering a blend of entertainment and excitement that’s often compared to Disneyland. This amusement park is a part of the larger Ancol Jakarta Bay City complex and is known for its wide variety of over 30 thrilling rides, including the Niagara Flume and the Halilintar twister, catering to both adrenaline junkies and families looking for fun-filled activities. Additionally, Dufan features a Star Wars section and a large Ferris wheel, providing stunning views across the park and adding to the overall enchanting experience. It’s a fantastic destination if you’re traveling with children or simply looking to indulge in some playful nostalgia.

Dufun Theme Park
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Dufun Theme Park Reviews

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Bodhi Purwindarto
Fun place to enjoy a holiday, many rides to pump your adrenaline or if you just want to enjoy the day they also have slow and chill ride.The only problem is, if you go there during Indonesian holiday or if they have a discount, expect to stand in queue for about 90 minutes for each ride.
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Bryan Wicaksono
Ive been coming here since early 90s as a child. Now I bring my children here. It still feel like how i it used to. A lot has change. Thw facilities are much better in general.Although i wish for the theme park to be of world class standard.Food vendors are better, but i wish during peak season, most it is full.Few seating areas, especially when it's hot, you can get yourself fried with few places to find cover.
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I love this place! It was some of the most fun places you can visit in Jakarta. I HIGHLY recommend buying the premium ticket or the fast trax, as the lines here can get VERY long. Most rides also open later in the day (like kereta misteri, opens 3 hours after). Choices of food were amazing and the rides were really good for Indonesia.
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Abigail Venetine
Dufan is a rlly fun amusement park. However, it can be crowded during weekends and you might have to wait 1+ hour to get onto a ride
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Nadya SN
Sat, 16/12/23 Having a fabulous moment again at this place since many years ago. Recreating the moment again, with my lovely friends here. Thanks for the memories, i miss u dad.