Aquarium Tiger Zoo

Koh Samui, Thailand

About Aquarium Tiger Zoo In Koh Samui

The Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo in Koh Samui is a family-friendly attraction that presents an opportunity to interact with a diverse range of marine life and exotic animals. The facility aims to offer an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages, allowing them to walk with tigers and swim with dolphins among other activities​​.

However, it’s important to note that visitor experiences at the zoo and aquarium have been mixed. Some visitors have enjoyed their time, mentioning a variety of sea life in the aquarium and the opportunity to see tigers up close. Others have raised concerns about the conditions for the animals, suggesting that some animals appeared to be in distress or kept in cramped conditions​​.

If you’re planning to visit, the zoo and aquarium host popular shows, including bird and sea lion shows, and it’s suggested to plan a full day to explore both venues. Checking the show schedules in advance is recommended as show times can vary each day​​.

The Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo
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Aquarium Tiger Zoo Reviews

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Camila Grotti
Can’t believe a place like this is still open in 2024! STOP supporting animal abuse for your own entertainment!!! If tourists stop going, they will have no other choice but to close down. This kind of business should not have a place in society anymore. Caged animals in poor facilities who just suffer endlessly so you can have your one hour of ‘fun’. That’s so selfish from tourists who go and so inhumane of the business owner(s) who offer this activity in the first place. Not to attack the workers and regular people who rely on the zoo’s income, but ultimately we are all responsible for perpetuating animal cruelty in one way or another. Do your part. DON’T GO. Hopefully with enough backlash eventually they will get the message (or go bankrupt) and move on to something better - since there is no government intervention to support the closing of this tourist atrocity and move the animals to a proper place.
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Hernandez Escapes
First off, there are no shows, they stopped about 4 yrs ago with Covid. The fish in the aquarium look healthy enough but must be stressed as there is very little shelter in the form of rocks etc for them. The Birds and Monkeys appear well looked after, although in cages. You can feed the monkeys, vegetables which you buy from a keeper as you can with the tigers not used for the photo opportunity. The tigers did not appear to be drugged but were simply motivated by the urge to feed from a bottle. Did not see any sea lions or Otters. We spent two hours in this establishment and feel we saw all it had to offer.
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Denis Yumatov
There are not only tigers on the territory of the park, there are panthers, there is an aquarium, as well as albino monkeys. The place is cool, pictures are printed at the exit of the park, the sizes of tigers are from kittens to adults, we really liked it
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Iaroslav Siniugin
If you go to the zoo, don't let the staff rush you. They quickly take photos on their camera and interfere with taking photos on their phone. Then, at the exit, you will be charged an additional fee for printing or for sending digital copies by e-mail. In a word, crooks!
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Nina P
Unbelievable that people still get animals in cages for pictures - haven't been and for sure will never visit a place with drugged tigers ready to take a picture with you. Please don't support these kinds of businesses.