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About Visa Extension At Immigration Office In Koh Samui

How to Get a Visa Extension in Koh Samui: A Personal Guide

Planning to extend your stay in the beautiful island of Koh Samui? Here’s a straightforward guide based on my own experience at the local immigration office, which was surprisingly simpler than I anticipated.

Navigating Nationality Concerns:
Initially, I was concerned that the visa extension rules might differ for my girlfriend, as she is from Indonesia and I am from Canada. To address this, I contacted a visa agent who reassured us that the process is generally the same for most nationalities. However, upon further checking the Thai Immigration Website, I found that citizens from a few countries (Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, Togo, Nigeria, Uganda) can only receive extensions of up to 7 days.

This was a relief to learn and made our experience at the immigration office smoother, as we knew exactly what to expect. If you’re traveling from a country with potential restrictions, I highly recommend verifying this information on the official immigration website or consulting with a visa agent before making plans.

Step 1: Preparation Before You Arrive
Before heading to the immigration office, ensure your passport has at least six months of validity remaining. You’ll also need cash for the fees associated, and conveniently, there is an ATM at Tops Market near the main road turn off where you can withdraw money if needed.

Step 2: Visit the VisaTech Building
Adjacent to the Immigration Office, you’ll find the VisaTech Building.

Here, you can: 
• Obtain and fill out the visa extension form.
• Get photocopies of your passport.
• Take recent passport-sized photographs.

These services cost me 120 THB per person

The VisaTech also offers additional services like visa runs to Malaysia, driver’s license procurement, and various visa services ranging from business to retirement visas. For booking a visa run, you can call 098-342-8503.

Step 3: Submit Your Application
With your documents ready, head to the counter on the first floor of the immigration office. They’ll give you a number and check that you have everything you need.

Step 4: The Waiting Game
Take your number to the waiting room on the second floor. Once called, submit your documents and payment at the designated counter. You can then relax while your application is processed. Shortly after, you will receive your passport back with a 30-day extension stamp.

Bonus Tip:

Grab a Bite at Khrua Samsee: If you want there is a small restaurant / coffee shop there called Khrua Samsee (แซ่บ ซอย)

The ambiance is cozy out door seating with a roof, the staff is friendly and attentive. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, all freshly prepared. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the food and the excellent service you receive here.

This guide should help make your visa extension process in Koh Samui as smooth as mine was. Good luck, and enjoy your extended stay in this tropical paradise!

Thailand Visa E-Extension: Exploring a More Convenient Solution

On my recent visit to the immigration office, I noticed an advertisement for a potentially more convenient solution for extending your stay in Thailand — the Visa E-Extension service. This service allows you to book an appointment online, which promises streamlined and expedited processing. While I haven’t personally used this method yet, it seems like a promising option for those looking to simplify their visa extension process. Next time I’m in Thailand, I plan to try out this method.

For more information on the e-extension service or to book an appointment, you can visit the official immigration website at or

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