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About Nintendo Store In Osaka

The Nintendo OSAKA store, which opened its doors on the 13th floor of the Daimaru Umeda Store in November 2022, has quickly become a must-visit spot for Nintendo fans and visitors to Osaka. This store marks the second official Nintendo store in Japan, following the success of the first store in Tokyo. The Daimaru Umeda Store, where Nintendo OSAKA is located, is one of the largest shopping complexes in Osaka, offering a wide range of products across its 18 floors, including other popular character stores like the Pokémon Center Osaka and the One Piece official store.

Nintendo OSAKA offers a vast collection of over 2,000 Nintendo game-themed items, with around half of these being exclusive to Nintendo-run shops. The store promises a treasure trove of merchandise from beloved games and characters, ensuring there’s something for every Nintendo fan. From iconic characters like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, to newer favorites like Splatoon and Animal Crossing, the store showcases a wide variety of merchandise including limited items such as logo t-shirts and pens, mini-sized store statues, themed household goods, and more. The store also features unique Super Mario-inspired products, like egg-shaped Yoshi cushions and interactive Amiibo character figurines.

The Nintendo OSAKA store not only serves as a retail space but also offers game experiences and events, making it a vibrant hub for the gaming community in the Kansai region. It’s a place where Nintendo enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite video games, find exclusive merchandise, and participate in unique store-only experiences.

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Nintendo Store Reviews

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Charles C
Nintendo power!!! This store has so many Nintendo products and even some Osaka exclusives! If you are a Club Nintendo member, don't forget to bring in your QR code for a special prize. The store is clean and well organized. It's easy to lose track of time with all the stuff they have in this place.
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Greta Leines
If you’re going to buy stuff at a Nintendo store in Japan, BUY IT HERE!!I was waiting to buy stuff at Nintendo Tokyo but the stock turned out to be better in Osaka! In Osaka you can buy Joy-cons without buying a switch but you can’t do that in Tokyo (unless you want only a left red joycon). This bummed me out big time because I’d never seen the light pink controllers before and Joycons at this store are much cheaper than in the USA. Very nice employees, and the store felt bigger and was much less packed than the Tokyo location when I was there. If you want to take a picture upstairs the queue moves fast & they had an employee specifically to take pictures! Would 1000% recommend this location to any fellow Nintendo fans.
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Love the store. Good location, friendly staff. It was super crowded but the lines, albeit long, moved at a great pace and I don’t think I was in line for more than 5 minutes. Loved the background music around the あつ森 section! I wish they were selling the Splatune 3 cd though.
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A nintendo store that has lots of exclusive nintendo products! This store is quite large and also pretty busy most of the time.The service is still pretty fast even if there’s a long line at the cashier you won’t have to wait too long.There are lots of nintendo products to choose from so be sure to check out your favorite ones!
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Alina K
Extremely busy when I went. Hard to walk around and browse as there was people everywhere. Lineup was also long however they indicate where it ends with a person standing with a sign on a stick which was nice. They are constantly restocking merchandise as well. There was lots of stock of amiibos, plushies, and stationary.