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Osaka, Japan

About Tennoji Zoo In Osaka

Tennoji Zoo, located in Osaka, Japan, stands as a fascinating destination for animal lovers and families alike. Opened in 1915, it’s one of the oldest zoos in Japan and is situated within Tennoji Park, encompassing an area that includes traditional Japanese gardens and historical structures, adding to the charm and appeal of the visit. The zoo is home to a diverse range of species, from the majestic African elephants and lions to the unique and endemic species of Japan, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the animal kingdom.

One of the key highlights of Tennoji Zoo is its commitment to creating naturalistic habitats for the animals, enhancing their well-being and providing visitors with a more authentic viewing experience. The zoo’s layout and enclosures are designed to mimic the natural environments of the various species, from the savannahs of Africa to the dense forests of Asia, making it an educational experience as well as a recreational one.

In addition to animal exhibits, Tennoji Zoo engages in conservation efforts and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about biodiversity and the importance of protecting natural habitats. The zoo also features interactive experiences, allowing visitors to learn about the animals up close and understand the zoo’s role in conservation and research.

For those visiting Osaka, Tennoji Zoo offers a blend of education, conservation, and leisure, making it a worthwhile addition to the itinerary for those interested in wildlife and nature.

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Tennoji Zoo Reviews

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Cody So
Costs only 500 yen and you can spend over half a day there. The zoo is very clean and well maintained even a little bit small. It’s understandable since it’s an old zoo, still they are working on expanding the facilities. Would recommended to go.
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Ju Vin S
A nice way to spend a few hours. We came on a weekday afternoon and were immediately let in. Quite a few animal exhibits were closed before the official closing time (no idea why, but it seems fairly common judging by the reviews here), but we were informed beforehand, so we made a beeline for those first. As one of the oldest zoos in Japan, it does look and feel dated. Enclosures seem too small for the animals, and because of this I’m not sure how much care they have for them. It’s a pity because they have so many different types of animals. I just wish they were given bigger spaces to live in. There were some major renovations going on when I was there in Dec 2023, so hopefully they will be addressing this.
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Job A
The saddest and worst zoo I've ever seen. Really disappointed. Don't be fooled by the cheap tickets, this is absolutely not worth a cent. Tiny cages, dirty and sickly looking animals, no regard for animal welfare at all. I'm still not sure what was the worst: the eagle barely able to spread his wings in his cage, the depressed monkey trying to hide in a corner of his cage, the possibly dead rodent in one of the cages being cautiously investigated by the very beetles that were supposed to be its food, or the fact that the Japanese seemed to be ok with it all?It's animal abuse, plain and simple. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry in the shower.
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Soh Xuan Yi
The ticket price is 500 yen which isn't alot. The zoo is not the biggest but does have about 20 to 30 different types of animals. I came here on the Tuesday and there isn't anyone here. Also the zoo seems to have part of the attraction cordon off due to bird flue etc and there are renovations ongoing in some part of the zoo. Overall I give this 4/5 for the good pricing..The photos of the animals I have took and attached in this review for your views.
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Jeon San
It's one of my favorite places in Osaka! First, this zoo is only 500 yen for one entree fee. This is much cheaper than the one in South Korea, Seoul. Second, I could feel that Dennoji zoo is being well-maintained. There aren't any bad animal smells. Rather, I felt nice tree smells. Third, you are able to see many awesome animals. Some of them are really hard to see in other zoo. For more information, the cafeteria in this zoo is good. Nice food, service, and many various food and desserts. Very strongly recommend!