Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

About Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm In Phu Quoc

The Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm is a fascinating destination located on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, known for its pearl cultivation and jewelry production. This farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the intricate process of pearl farming, from the nurturing of oysters to the harvesting of pearls. The farm is dedicated to producing high-quality pearls, which are known for their luster and beauty, contributing to Phu Quoc’s reputation as a hub for pearl cultivation.

Visitors to Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm can take guided tours that explain the lifecycle of a pearl oyster, the techniques used to encourage pearl formation, and the careful process of extracting pearls without harming the oysters. These tours are both educational and engaging, providing insights into the sustainable practices and skillful craftsmanship involved in pearl farming.

In addition to the educational aspect, the farm also features a showroom where visitors can admire and purchase a variety of pearl jewelry. These pieces range from simple and elegant designs to more elaborate creations, all showcasing the natural beauty of Phu Quoc pearls. Whether you’re interested in the science behind pearl farming or looking for a unique souvenir, Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm offers a memorable experience that highlights an important aspect of Phu Quoc’s cultural and economic landscape.

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Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm Reviews

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Scott Chau
Our tour took us here. On the bottom floor they give you a little history about the company and founder. Also there is information about how pearls are made. They even give you a quick and if you get it right they give you a pearl. 1 person per tour group.Top floor is all shops to buy their jewelry. It relatively cheap so good gift for special person.
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Tom Leung
A pearl farm grew pearl to make jewelry. You can buy pearl jewelry on the second floor of the farm and enjoy a tour on the ground. The owner of the farm had been a diver. What he collected from the bottom of the sea was displayed on the farm. It is actually a little museum.
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Nathalie Curtis
The place is nicely laid out and interesting. But the explanation was really rushed through, so I didn't understand much. I would have also liked to see the people in the workshop sculpting the coral and shells, but they were on a break. (We went there at around 12:30 and unfortunately they were on a 3 hour break, so we didn't get to see the works of art being made) Had i known, I would have gone later in the day :) We would have waited but there us nothing else do do in the area. There is a coffee shop on the premises and a shop with a vast selection of pearl jewellery and decorations. The staff is very friendly.
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The place itself pretty impressive. You get to see how they open the shell and find pearls, you get to see all the rare finds from the sea and some beautiful art.The only problem is that they go through everything super fast and don't give you a real chance to see all of it. All they care about is the pearl shop where two sellers will jump on you right away and try to sell you things. Some of the products were beautiful with good price but it felt like a tourist trap.
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Typical tourist attraction pearl shop. Came here to look for some gifts without much knowledge of pearls. There are tens of thousands of pearls for all price ranges. I think it’s better to do research before coming to know the value of pearls. As you enter you are given a number badge to wear and then you will feel like you are bombarded by sales people. They are very pushy with trying to sell you things and they will not let you wonder around solo. Ended up buying some gifts at a slightly higher price than previously imagined for pearls. Overall I think if you are interested in pearls and know your stuff then this is a good place to visit and admire. There are pearls for few under 1 mill to over 500 mil.