King Power Mahanakhon Bangkok Thailand [Pixel Building]

King Power Mahanakhon Bangkok Thailand [Pixel Building]

如果你能到曼谷,我建议你去像素建筑的顶部或(King Power Mahanakhon)

它有 74 层或 314 米高,是曼谷最高的建筑。观看日落的理想场所。我建议在日落前 30 分钟到 1 小时到达,这样您就可以体验所有 3 种景观。日光、黄金时段和夜景。我建议只去看风景,因为它非常壮观。

It’s kinda expensive because i’m pretty sure it’s for the upper class.  You can hang out up there for hours and they even have a DJ.

Costs about $40 just to get in and $20 for a drink at the roof top bar. Usually in Thailand a beer is just $2 to put that in perspective. So 10x the normal price pluss the cover charge.

They have a high level of security to get in. You have to go though a metal detector and get your bag searched to gain access to the elevator that takes you to the top.

On the way out they make you walk though 4 floors of luxury goods for sale. The experience is designed to make as much money as possible lol.

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