Île aux tacos

Bali, Indonésie

À propos de l’île Taco à Bali

Découvrez la fusion ultime des saveurs mexicaines et du charme balinais à Taco Island, le meilleur restaurant de tacos implanté à Canggu et Seminyak. Notre engagement envers la fraîcheur et l'authenticité transparaît dans chaque bouchée, alors que nous fabriquons méticuleusement nos nouilles à la main et pressons quotidiennement nos tortillas de maïs. Plongez dans nos plats, où des heures de préparation culminent dans les riches saveurs du jarret de bœuf mijoté et du poulet mariné. Embarquez pour un voyage culinaire qui honore l'essence du Mexique tout en embrassant la beauté de Bali. De plus, chez Taco Island Bali, nous accordons la priorité à la durabilité en nous approvisionnant en ingrédients localement et en utilisant des emballages respectueux de l'environnement tels que des boîtes en bambou faites à la main. Rejoignez-nous pour savourer les saveurs vibrantes de Bali tout en défendant la durabilité et en soutenant les entreprises locales. Venez vous régaler de tacos qui ravissent les papilles et nourrissent l'âme à Taco Island.

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Taco Island Reviews

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rhys h
Tried the second location in Seminyak and they did not miss! Incredibly amazing tacos, the consume dip was divine and the service was true Balinese fashion, very polite and clean.Also tried the black lemonade which was very refreshing!Definitely come here and try. I do think the Canguu venue has a nicer atmosphere but this place is a must!
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Diana Wong
Taco Island Bali is the spot for the best birria tacos ever! Seriously, they're amazing. And their cocktails? Pure perfection. Trust me, you won't be disappointed??
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Angelique Natalia
Good food and service ? ??? They only sell beef tacos, there aren't other options for now. Menu is still limited, they just added some alcoholic beverage to it this March. Pricing matched the quality of the restaurant.It's different from the others because tacos here was served with a little bit of soup, rice, and avocado salsa. Overall (imo) it doesn't really have that mexican taste that I find in other tacos, it is very light and kinda mixed with Balinese style. The taco shell was crunchy and tasty, my favorite part about the filling is the cheese. Mind you, the taco size is considered big but the fillings will be thinner than you think, so order more if you're hungry! ? Atmosphere was good and cozy. Tables are very well maintained and clean. Service was great, the staffs communicate with the costumers in a good manner and cracked some jokes here and there.
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William King
One of the best tacos I've ever had and a great atmosphere. Definitely coming back!!Suggestion: Add more drinks and food to your menu since there weren't many options.
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Lisa Orl
I ordered delivery from Grab, the food was amazing!! My friends and I got an energy pack, the tacos smelled, looked and tasted super delicious. We also loved the packaging, looked aesthetically and unique!! We were also surprised that for such a decent serving size and the quality of the food, the price was very cheap. I would definitely recommend every taco lover to visit or order from this place!