2 Sides Of Vietnam – Angsana Resort VS Fishing Village Experience

Comparing the 2 sides of Vietnam!

The 5 star luxury resort experience at Angsana VS hanging out at Đảo Dừa (Coconut Island) by a rural fishing village.

To get there we hired a private driver for 800,000 dong including tip. That’s about $35. To drive us 1 hour and a half all the way to LangCo Bay.

But Google maps isn’t perfect, It took us on a very strange route, through a rural land, with flooded dirt roads. We almost got stuck in the mud a few times. This is the wrong way, there’s a better route. If you find yourself in the same situation turn back. We did finally make it though back to paved road.


5 Star Resort Angsana – Lanco Bay

Angsana resorts in LangCo bay is so beautiful. It’s hidden in the Jungle at the base of a mountain and has won awards for being one of the best hotels. We had the whole resort practically to ourselves.

It’s our anniversary so we wanted to do something special. There’s some pretty amazing deals for resorts right now since the pandemic cut off the tourism industry’s source of high paying customers. Now is the time to go for a unique experience.

We booked the garden room for $111 per night but got a free upgrade to the ocean view room. It had a big comfortable bed with a shot of a fishing village in the backdrop. Our next destination.

The TV had the lady’s name on it welcoming us into our room. Thought that was a nice touch. Some instant coffee which is better than nothing i guess, but prefer the real stuff.

But the bathroom. Oh my god. It was bigger than my place when I lived in Japan. It was definitely the nicest part of the room. Got a shower, a bathtub, and 2 sinks. Came with everything you might need from towels, to a tooth brush and even a sexxy bathrobe.

We had a very large deck and from out here you can see the pool and ocean.

Angsana resorts was a complete ghost town during this time. By far the best time to go for a swim as you know for a fact nobody has peed in the pool. Don’t worry. They keep this place nice and clean.

There was only one restaurant open during this time. Azura!
They drive you there on a little golf cart so you don’t have to walk. It was like we had our own private chef. Good news! We arrived just in time for happy hour. Ah, long island iced tea. So good. One of my favorite drinks.

We ordered the seafood hot pot and pizza to share. After that we took some photos, explored the area for a bit, hung out on the beach, and watched the sunset.

After nightfall we went to a spa.

They give you 1 free 15 minute massage then up sell you on a longer one. We decided to book a full massage to see what it was like. Cost was 500K or about $23 each. They give us some tea to pass time while they prepare the room. When everything is ready they come out and get you so you can get all dressed up in a robe. Then they clean your feet with some special flower water. The room was really nice and comfortable. Apparently the massage it’s a secret trademark technique so not allowed to film it but it was nice and relaxing.

The stay includes a continental breakfast buffet.

With, ah yes! Real coffee, fruit, American breakfast items and Vietnamese food too. You can get eggs made to your liking. I ordered the omelet. It was quite good as I don’t eat western breakfast that often anymore, being in Vietnam for so long we mostly eat soup.

Sports Centre

The receptionist said they had archery. Never tried that so had to check it out. When we got there we found a whole sports activity area. Complete with a soccer field, and outdoor exercise area. The archery was free. I thought I was quite good.

Down by the ocean they had a water sports center, You can ride seadoos, go on an adventure with an ATV, go surfing, You name it they had it all.

Mary wanted to go kayaking. They have a cool little island with a bamboo bridge and you can choose to go around the island or through the channel that flows from one side of the resort to the other. In normal times you can take a boat through it.


Photos Of Angsana Resort

Angsana Resort In Lanco Bay

Fishing Village Experience At Đảo Dừa (Coconut Island) 

After that it was time to head to a rural fishing village. We booked a taxi to Cảnh Dương Beach then took a wooden boat to get to Coconut Island. Phan Ánh Tuyết & her husband run a little get away out there. Check out their facebook page Đảo Dừa. They’re really nice people and invited us to come see their island getaway.

The boat was a little rocky when we boarded so I was a bit nervous in the beginning.  I had my backpack with me, with all my camera gear, laptop and a few other things that don’t exactly like water.

But once we got out on the high seas it was a really nice ride. You can smell the sweet scent of the ocean and lots of fresh air that you don’t always get in the big cities. You have to come out here just for that. The gods favored us and we made it to the island safe and dry.

We had a seafood BBQ out here with a variety of different sea creatures. Fresh clams and oysters right from the ocean. I had some BBQ squid with mango and a few beers. 

Her husband climbed up a tree just to get us a coconut. Skills I definitely don’t have. Wow was it ever refreshing. Felt like I was living off the land & sea in Vietnam. Their plan is to build a little homestay out here. She was showing me her plans on her phone.

We relaxed for a bit. The hammocks are actually quite comfortable. I walked around and enjoyed the nature.  All you can hear is the sounds of karaoke in the background. Yes even on a deserted island you can’t escape the karaoke in Vietnam. I think it was also near TET (Vietnamese New Year) so everyone is off work for a week or so singing away. 

Up top there was a little grave yard. Someone from the Vietnam war. They offer fruit to honor the dead here.

When the sun set we headed back to the mainland. At this point I was super sunburnt. Forgot to apply sunscreen. I needed to take a break from the heat.  Someone was nice enough to let me hang out in their home for a bit. Was interesting to see how people live out here. 

Thanks for the awesome experience on (Coconut Island) Đảo Dừa Vietnam.

Photos from Đảo Dừa Coconut Island

Đảo Dừa - Coconut Island

Facebook Page: Đảo Dừa
Phone: 038 361 4652
Address: Cảnh Dương, Lộc Vĩnh, Phú Lộc, Thừa Thiên Huế Tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế, Thừa Thiên–Huế Province